I felt that this comic would be more powerful with less dialogue. Sometimes words can be less precise than imagery. It’s one reason I love this medium.

Today’s comic covers a problem that hits especially close to home for me. That is the uniquely terrifying perspective, shared by all parents of children of color, in this country. It’s very easy to believe when it comes to children, what rules apply to some must apply to all. However, to make such an assumption can be a fatal mistake for people of color. Our children are thought of, from an early age, as menacing, dangerous and possessed of an adult capacity to cause harm. They are not allowed to be innocent and so must take care to never make “innocent” mistakes, for fear of especially swift and severe punishment. As such, parents of children of color are forced to equip their young minds with tragic truths about the world long before their white counterparts stop believing in Santa. We must educate them about the myriad, special rules and laws that, though unwritten, remain just as binding as the written ones. We do not bother with witches and boogie men, but instead pluck our horror from actual (and woefully recent) history, and call it education. We bar them from common activities and draw a world map with clearly marked boundaries beyond which they are not welcomed. We pass down our fears, like heirlooms, full in the knowledge that none of them will guarantee our child’s safety, but with the gossamer thin hope that it may some day protect them from some small measure of harm.